Network Sessions

One of the highlights at 3DEXPERIENCE World is the opportunity to network with your peers. Choose from a number of options in The Hive, or pick from the various virtual MeetUp Sessions.

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Live at the Hive

3DEXPERIENCE World is all about connecting and networking with other SOLIDWORKS users around the world, physically and virtually. One of the best to do this is in The Hive!

Hive Hangouts
Join a 30-minute virtual speed networking session that best suits your job responsibilities, giving all types of attendees a dedicated opportunity to meet like individuals experiencing similar challenges, and looking for common solutions. Click here to see a list of all the Hive Hangouts!
Live From the Hive
Enjoy key community-driven events taking place during 3DEXPERIENCE World, such as:

Join the Virtual MeetUp Sessions

Choose from over 35+ Virtual MeetUp Sessions to join. Network with your peers, discuss similar challenges, and learn how they have been solved with 3DEXPERIENCE Works solutions. Ask questions of SOLIDWORKS experts and executives, thought leaders, makers, and influencers. Enjoy a number of different panel discussions, including customer guests, covering industrial design, simulation, manufacturing, and more. Look for fireside chats with executives, start-ups, and makers. There will also be special MeetUps for students and educators.